I am a Sales Strategist, Empowerment Mindset Coach, and Entrepreneur Mentor. I have also been called by my clients a Miracle Worker. But the truth is, the miracles were always in them and they are in you too. 

If are like most of us you just need help connecting and making your miracles a reality.  That is my greatest skill and I am ready to help you create a life of wealth and intention. 

If you are ready to scale to 6 or 7 figures, take your time and energy back, sleep through the night and live a life filled with joy and vibrancy you are in the right place. 

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Your Dream Life & Business = Deep Mindset Work + Sales Skills + Intentional Strategy + Inspired Action 

Are you ready to scale your business and build the life of your dreams?


Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs seem to be living their dream life, enrolling clients with ease, traveling the world with friends and experiencing great wealth. While other are stuck in the daily grind, working 12 hour days, chained to social media and at the end of the day are still unsure if they did what it takes to create thier desired life? 

I did! I knew I was made for more and that if the others I saw living their dreams could do it, so could I. So I started studying and I cannot wait to share with you what I learned. 

The good news, is that everything that seperates a high performer, a 6 & 7 figure earner from the rest, is coachable, learnable and available to anyone who decides to claim it. 

If you are ready to claim your worth and dreams, you are in the right place. 




Trust a proven process

As a Certified High Performance Coach, the curriculum and process you will experience in this program is designed from tested and proven scientific study. 

So, what does that mean?

If you do the work, your life will change!

Build Wealth Your Way!

Sustainable success comes from believing in who and what you do. You will only achieve this when your practice is in alignment with who you are.

If you are ready to fall in love with sales. If you are ready to show up on camera, on social media with authentic confidence. 

Have it all

Develop a life of true high achievement in health, relationships, family, mission, purpose, money, faith and everything else that pulls at your soul. Life is not about making sacrifices. It is about living with joy, love, community AND success. Stop giving up time with your family or hobbies to hustle. I can help you have it all.

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ON COMPLETION OF THIS TRAINING YOU WILL HAVE GAINED KNOWLEDGE ON ⫸ 4 simple mindset strategies that immediately increase your sales ⫸ Overcoming the Objections ⫸ Creating Consistent and Results oriented Content ⫸ How to hear a 'no' and sustain belief in yourself and product and move forward with confidence ⫸ One Strategy to Generate Testimonials, Referrals and Momentum for Upsells ⫸ How to shorten your sales cycle ⫸ Building Quick Rapport and 5 Mistakes most salespeople make ⫸ How to sell without feeling salesy!

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"Working with Jessie for the past two years has been the #1 game changer in my life and sales career. Jessie has helped me implement unique strategies that differentiate me from my competitors and has allowed me to land some of the largest deals of my career. As I transitioned to a new company, Jessie helped me navigate a new sales process and ultimately achieve over $1m+ in net new sales-all within a year of being on the new team. Jessie has an amazing skill set that not only allows you to uncover your blind spots, but quickly solve for them and set yourself apart from the pack."

Sales Executive

"Jessie is AMAZING! She has the patience, care, and motivation to help make your goals a reality. She asked me what my goals are, and then she puts a plan of action together to help me achieve them. I have been able to create more of a work life balance since I have started coaching. This is more than just helping you go forward with your career. Highly recommend. "

Community Sales Manager & Entrepreneur

"Jessie has been an incredible coach. She is an asset to me and my professional development. She has helped me implement several great tools that have improved my productivity and the activity of my team."

Agency Manager & Entrepreneur

"Working with Jessie has truly been the best coaching experience I have had, and I have had more than four coaches throughout my career. She is someone who truly listens to your goals, the problems you are facing, and language, and gives you tailored actionable steps to overcome challenges and get to where you need to be. On our last call I had with her she helped me with a presentation idea that will generate income more than double the total coaching cost I made to work with her for a year. If you are looking to grow and build something special Jessie is your girl!"

James Love
Financial Advisor
We both know you were made for more.

You are ready to claim your power and impact. You are ready for more possibility, more wealth, abundance, freedom and joy. 

If you ready to break free of the limiting beliefs that are convincing you to stay small. It is time to start expanding and trusting your desires. Then pairing them with strategy that w orks. 

This is a $297 Value Session. 

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